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bonjour! je m'appelle dyah. j'habite avec ma famille a Yogyakarta. j'ai une petite famille, c'est-à-dire mon père, ma et ma mère et ma soeur.
nous habitons dans une petite maison. dans la maison il y a un salon. dans un salon il y a cinq chaises et une table et une peinture. à gauche, il y a première chambre. C'est un bureau. Dans une chambre il y a trois tables, quatre chaises. il y a des livres aussi. Une chambre est ressemblante la bibliothèque. à droite il y a un salon. ma famille aimons regarder programmes de télévision. à côté d'un salon il y a une chambre familiale il y a une télévision, deux chaises et les ordinateurs.
à côté d'une chambre familiale, il y a une salle à manger et une cuisine. Devant une salle à manger et une cuisine il y a deux chambres, c'est chambre de mes parents et une salle de vêtements à gauche, il y a une salle de bain. Dans une salle de bain il y a deux serviettes et une brosse.
A derrière la maison il y a un café de mon père. un café de mon père ouvre à partir sept huit avants douze huit du soir. ma chambre est près d'un café de mon père. dans ma chambre il y a une table, un divan et deux chaises. je t'aime ma chambre. je t'aime ma maison aussi.

29th July 2015
I'm back. Guess what? I feel like dying now. I don't have the energy anymore to do anything since........lol dunno. Every day passes and here we go, i become more and more broken. I dont have the problem with my school stuffs, pretty much okay for me. i feel like i was annoying for my friends, i feel like they backstabbed me behind my back, i feel like i'm not good enough for everyone. Insecurity eats me up and i dont have anyone to help me. I should be better for keeping friends, i shouldnt be too smart because i ought to know that people usually used me for....u know lol. I should know that we dont have to have friends all the time. It's time to be independent. It's time to face my problems alone. I should know that there will be plenty of people who hates and makes fun of me. I should know what is my priority. I shouldn't focus on my shitty meaningless problem, but only for school and college. I have been wasting my life for such a useless friendship who only made me cry like a baby. In two months, i'll have reached my seventeenth birthday, and it means i'll meet more problems in my life. "Keep Strong" is a difficult sentence. You told like it was nothing, without any burden. But again, maybe only "keep strong" makes people really keeping their hearts strong.

409 words.

Sooyoung was completely lost with her assignment. “Why did I take Chinese Class in the first place?” she wondered as she made her way to the Chinese bookshelf. When she got into the university for the first time, she was confused with what classes she should take. Business? Arts? Sports? And it’s not Park Sooyoung if she was serious. She looked a Mandarin club announcement about they are looking new members and because it has pictures of the members on the announcement (and Sooyoung was distracted because their leader is handsome and he resembled Kris from EXO; Sooyoung’s bias since high school.

Back to reality, she was finding a Chinese dictionary when a paper dropped near her elbow. She didn’t realize that a boy was looking at her since five minutes ago and the boy was on the bookshelf in front of her!

               “ 你好!

“N-i  h-a-o? Hmm?” her voice was quite loud so a man beside her quickly “shh-ed” her.

“I’m sorry.” She took the dictionary as she smiled.

‘but who is the sender?’


“Sooyoung-ah, 加油!” another piece of paper landed on her notebook. She didn’t know who is the sender but it was serious. Who is this guy?

Sooyoung was late five seconds and the paper already on Jinah’s right hand.

“Woah, so who is your gege right now?”


The Mandarin Club closed their registration yesterday. Sooyoung decided to take the club because she thought that the club will make her understand Chinese better. She thought.

She realized that the notes are already stopped too. ((It makes her wonder all the time at night.))


“Oh my God, this is serious!!” Jinah grumbled as she did her assignment. ((Jinah takes Business anyway along with Howon. Ups.))

“I have to meet Howon now ugh, bye Sooyoung!” Jinah turned to Sooyoung, who still struggled with the hanzi in her notebook.

“Bye.” Sooyoung didn’t turn her head, her best friend know her so well, so yeah.

After thirteen minutes of hanzi and pinyin, she talked to herself,


It was a note again!

“Needs help? ;)” --- fortunately it was written in English not Mandarin.

And when she turned her head to left,

你好!我叫Myungsoo, 你呢?” and Myungsoo showed the best smile; as Sooyoung fainted on the table cause she realized that it was Myungsoo, the Mandarin Club leader who sent her those notes.

read more.

it's been for awhile yup?

dad brought me for a holiday for 8 days and guess what

i'm become a (forever) daddy's girl.

and yeah mom seemed a little sad cause of this.

screw it.

finally sis make her first day in her office and yeah she's still my beloved sister. hwhw.

after allllllllllll . . . . .  . .
(finally) parents agreeing my opinion to study in abroad for uni yaaaaay /o/

i'm considering to write a drabble again (blame ricsyung pls)
<3 <3 <3 <3 ~

and (it's the last i promise) eric said that he has a potential wife but i guess ricsyung is f~o~r~e~v~e~r real.
potential wife = hyesung.

(it's the absurdest babbling ever omg god bless me ya)

a bunch of junks.

2 drabbles of my soon to be otp BangHim;
disclaimer: it's one of Stefanie's request and i can't do anything. extremely awful, but better than my previous fanfics. (what are you saying nandha errr) enjoy!

니가 아니라서 (Missing You) - 틴 탑 (Teen Top);
    yongguk/himchan (pg; 170 words)
  "I've missed you so much, Yongguk. Why you have to go to Japan?" Himchan put his starbucks back on his working table; he bought it after he realized he had to go home and finishing his design.
  "I know that baby, i'm going to Korea tomorrow."
  "It's fucking 2 months and i can't do anything without you." Yongguk laughed; his baby Himchan is definitely missing him.
   Before Yongguk could answer Himchan's sad confession, Himchan yawned and the sound of broken pencil echoed in the line.
  "I bet you haven’t slept in few days because of your paper?”
   “Yep…” Himchan closed his eyes; unfortunately his eyes couldn’t make a deal between him and them.
  “Go sleep. I’ll be in home when you wake up tomorrow.” Yongguk stared at his disorganized paper, he will tidy it later.
   “Yups, sleep Himchan.” Himchan is smiling, he always believes Yongguk.
   “I love you Yongguk.”
   “I love you too.”
  and the disconnected line is heard between them; signaling Himchan (and Yongguk) to sleep, before the sun makes its way to radiating the whole universe.

2. Sunshine - 2AM;
     yongguk/himchan (pg; 168 words)

    The winter has come. The bench are covered by the snow, a bunch of children already playing with their snowman, and people already wear their thick clothes; but still comfortable and fashionable. This is the 3rd time Yongguk brings Himchan to the amusement park. He couldn't agree more but every time he brings Himchan to this place; amusement park, he seems couldn't enjoy it. Especially today;

    "You feeling cold?" Yongguk asked, his left hand didn't left the younger's right hand.
    "Yes. Why it has to be in winter?" Himchan answered coldly, he just couldn't accept Yongguk's wish; playing in the amusement park.
    "Oh baby, so you hate it?"
     Yongguk kissed his boyfriend's lips, swept away Himchan's unmood feeling.
    "Hey, my sunshine--" Yongguk called; Himchan blushing as his cheeks are getting red.
    "--why don't you enjoy this beautiful winter with a happy feeling?" the oldest smiled.
    Himchan answered with a french kiss on Yongguk's lips; after all, his boyfriend is right. He should enjoy this winter.

(i know this is a pile of junks i know i know damn it why i'm agree to write this to the smartest girl in my school i'm already palming my face right now.)

3 drabbles of my crackship; AfterFinite
{myungsoo/lizzy ; sunggyu/raina ; hoya/nana}
disclaimer: just a few of my awful drabbles.

1.      너에게 전하지 못한 말 (The Words I Can’t Tell You) -  신혜성
    myungsoo/lizzy (PG; 152 words)

Myungsoo closed his notebook, put the black pen back to his pencil case. He glanced to the girl one beside him; she sleeps peacefully on her arm with wavy hair around her shoulder. Her bangs looked disheveled but she still looked pretty.
“Sooyoung…” Myungsoo called her because it was five fucking ten in the afternoon and they were alone in their classroom.
‘Eh--? I thought—“
“No, I haven’t. Come on, I drop you at your home.”
They walked into the school aisle; it was quite. Sooyoung pat Myungsoo’s shoulder, muttered “Thank you.” and Myungsoo gave her a nod as agreement.
They went back to Sooyoung’s home by Myungsoo’s motorcycle; the pretty one’s hands circled around Myungsoo’s waist. She sleeps again, muttered “I love you” before sank into her dream. She dreamed she lost Myungsoo at 20 years old and she still couldn’t tell the words; “I Love you” to him.

2.       사랑병 (Love Virus) - 비투비 & 유성은
          sunggyu/raina (PG; 168 words)

Sunggyu looked a girl beside him; she pressed the keys accurately, the melodies echoed on the whole room. Finally, she stopped and take a look to her teacher,
“How is it? It is better right?”
she raised her thumb up, make a satisfied action.
“You’re much better than before, Hyerin”
Sunggyu rubbed his neck, nervously.
“Yay! Finnaly! I make it! Sunggyu, thank you ver much!”
Hyerin jumped around Sunggyu, her ponytail had a battle with the gravity, bouncing to anywhere its wants.
“You’re welcome”
Sunngyu faintly smiled, he wants to grin but he had to keep his image.
“This is for you!”
A peck landed on Sunggyu’s cheek, he was frozen for a while. Hyerin just kissed him, right?
“Met me at my home at 7 tonigh--- HACHII”
Hyerin sneezed, it mad Sunggyu back to his life.
“I think you got love virus from me.”
He kissed her forehead and..
“I can’t wait for tonight. Dress well, love.”

He left Hyerin who dumbfounded; ugh stupid Sunggyu is stupid.

3.     Angel신화
  hoya/nana (PG; 179 words)

The long awaited time has come
You've heard my deepest feelings for you

Jinah combs her long hair for the nth time today; although the veil already on her head, she just can’t get enough to make it prettier.  Her mom knocked the door, telling her to get ready; finally, the long awaited time has come.
You are wearing a bright wedding dress
My trembling hearts seems like it'll explode

She nervously walking to the altar with her right hand on her daddy’ left arm.
“Daddy, I’m scared.” she muttered with a long breath after that. She wearing a bright wedding dress, her hearts was trembling when he made an eye-contact to Howon.

You are my angel, I'm your guardian angel
No matter what happens, I won't hurt you
I promise you, when you come to me

After the long-awaited ‘I Do’, the priest said they can kiss each other; Howon’s lips attacked Jinah’s first and pulled it back after for about twenty seconds. He promised he won’t hurt JInah, his angel; no matter what happens.

Move With Me
pairing: Woohyun/Juyeon
rating: R(?)
genre: romance; slightly affair?
disclaimer: based on my favorite song in Shinhwa’s The Return, Move With Me. Anyone wants to Move With Me? ♥
summary: Woohyun just want Juyeon to move with him.

♫ Do you want me? I can be your man
When I open my eyes every morning, I’m next to you, who is awake

The shine slowly make its way to their room, radiated to the whole room. The couple seemed disturbed but still didn’t want to wake from their dream. Juyeon quickly opened her eyes but the handsome one beside her frowned; tighten his arms on her waist.
“Nope, it’s still early. I drop you to your office, don’t worry” Woohyun kept his eyes closed.
Woohyun’s lips landed on Juyeon’s; reminding her to be quiet for a while.

♫ Baby just move with me, your body is answering to me first
That guy is not here right now, it’s only you and me at this moment

Juyeon couldn’t agree more but since the first time Woohyun touched her, she was definitely lost. His big hands roaming around her body, to the way that only he knows. His lips made a mark in her silky skin, warning to everyone to don't ever touch her. ever.
"Juyeon... I told you to divorce him right a-aah" Woohyun pressed her lips deeper; make him moaning for a while. Juyeon's blazer loosened because of Woohyun's hands keep pulled it.
“Just don’t think about Myungsoo now.” Juyeon impatiently threw his body into bed, she couldn’t wait any longer.

♫I want you – Try waitin, try escapin’
I only see you, your smile, your words, your actions, everything

“I smell pancake.” Woohyun tip-toed from bedroom to see what Juyeon was doing. He smiled while his fingers fastened his Armani shirt’s button; Juyeon has picked it when he was showering before she went to her favorite place; kitchen
“It’s pancake, idiot. I make Americano for you.” Woohyun pecks her blushing cheek.
“thank you love.” Juyeon put the plates onto the table, smiling brightly.
“You’re welcome.” and kissed Woohyun on the lips.

♫Baby just move with me, I want to steal you even if it’s just for a day
But I don’t want to let you go, girl take off your high heels before you leave today

“Come on, we’re getting late.” Juyeon checked her phone and take a look to Woohyun. Ugh he is getting lazier now.
“Already, love. C’mon.” Woohyun picked his bag, with a tumbler on his right hand.
When they’re already in their way to lift…
“Don’t come to your home tonight.”
“I ca—“
Woohyun’s lips took hers hungrily and Juyeon slipped a hand on his neck.
“Well, I’ll find a reason to say to Myungsoo later. Don’t worry.”
Woohyun smiled with a full of feeling of victory, secretly.

Sunday Morning

pairing: Hoya/Nana
word count: 240words
rating: pg-13
genre: fluff?
disclaimer: My first fanfic >_< wooowwww finally I can made it :'')) ohyes~ this fanfic dedicated for  napookie !!
"How may times have I said, Hodori, don't ever make me scared!"Collapse )“Kyaaa!”  A pair of hands linger on Nana's waist and she would be mad because Hoya scares her to death. "How may times have I said, Hodori, don't ever make me scared!"

"Haha, don't be mad, Barbie. It's just one of my romantic action. You like it, right?" Nana pouts and Hoya thinks that her pout can make him die.

"Hodori, breakfast is ready!" Two plates of fried bacon with fried potatoes and some beans make his stomach grumbling. "Wow, Barbie, it looks so delicious!" Hoya pinches Nana's cheeks as he look at her proudly.
"I know, Hodori, I know." Wow. It's enough to make Nana blush and her cheeks are so fucking red!

The lovey dovey couple is now in their sofa and are doing their favorite activity; cuddling.
"Yes, baby?" Hoya looks down to where Nana is on his chest right now
"It's been awhile since we cuddle and spend Sunday morning together," Nana said, her hands playing with Hoya's plaid shirt. "But It’s okay, baby—“ Hoya shuts up his fiancée’s mouth with his fierce kiss.

And their Sunday morning goes very well....



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